About PolyMon

PolyMon is an open source system monitoring solution that can be used to generate email alerts and analyze historical trends of monitor counters and monitor statuses. It is simple to use and run but flexible enough for many circumstances.

It is made up of three primary components:

  • A SQL Server database to store monitor statuses, alerts and general settings. Email notifications are handled by a stored procedure in the database itself.
  • A windows service (PolyMon Executive) that runs monitors on a periodic basis and logs results to the database
  • A management/monitoring front-end (PolyMon Manager) that is used to manage general settings, monitor definitions, operators, alert rules, etc. and analyze historical trends (both monitor counters and statuses).

Currently included monitors are:

  • Ping
  • Performance Monitor
  • SNMP
  • URL
  • File (Age and Counts)
  • Windows Service
  • SQL Monitor (Can run any stored procedure that returns resultsets in a specific format)
  • TCP Port Monitor

Monitors are built using a plug-in architecture and can be added to PolyMon without requiring a recompile of the application. New plug-ins simply need to inherit from a base class. Once compiled and placed in the appropriate directories, new monitors are registered with PolyMon using a plug-in registration form in PolyMon Manager.
If you have any suggestions or feedback, please let me know. I hope you find PolyMon useful and easy to use.

Fred Baptiste

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