PolyMon Version 1.1.0 Releases

A new version of PolyMon has been released in CodePlex. See www.codeplex.com/polymon for more details.

This version addresses some reported issues and also provides new functionality:

Post-Event Scripting
This feature allows custom scripts to be run after a Monitor test has run. Functionality allows either PowerShell or VBScripts to be run.

Heartbeat Notification
This feature allows operators to set a specific time of day when they want to receive a “heartbeat” notification from PolyMon. Operators can choose to receive a summary of current Monitor statuses for any combination of OK, Warn or Fail states.

Queued Email Notifications
When operators are offline, any notifications they would normally receive are queued. New functionality now offers operators to indicate how they want to receive these notifications: Each one separately, Not at All, or Recapped (which basically send a single email listing the current status of any monitor that raised a notification with a brief list of the notifications themselves – this allows operators to quickly determine whether a monitor is still in a Warn/Fail state when they receive the recap email).