PolyMon 1.0.0 Released

PolyMon 1.0.0 has been released.

In addition to various performance enhancements at the database level, product stabilization and minor enhancements have been added.

 In addition, the new installation procedure has been greatly simplified and now includes a single setup package with optional feature selection for creating and installing the PolyMon database, PolyMon Executive Windows Service and PolyMon Manager.

See www.codeplex.com/polymon for more details.


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  1. Hi,

    Pretty neat tool. I’ve been looking for a while (like years) and have used lots of stuff. My best pick so far is EagleMonitor especially back when it was free. Now its really expensive.

    I know its open source so any suggestion I make can really be pointed back at me but with the idea that just by asking I can advance a cause then I’ll go ahead and make a couple of requests.

    1.) A more complex scheduling widget.
    2.) A canned FTP monitor type.
    3.) A Perl scripting interface.
    4.) A Regular expression parser on returns from URL(s).

    I really look forward to the energy this tool is going to release.

    Great Job FBabtiste

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