PolyMon RC3 Released

RC3 has been released. It can be found on the link indicated in the sidebar.

RC3 has made numerous enhancements to the system. Some of the hightlights:

  • PowerShell Integration: PolyMon now allows PowerShell scripts to be executed and uses some objects to pass State and Counter data between the PowerShell script and PolyMon. This effectively provides PolyMon a fully integrated scripting language and opens up monitoring to anything that can be done via PowerShell.
  • WMI: A new WMI monitor, with an integrated WMI browser and query builder is now available.
    Data Aggregates: Data aggregation is now built-in with daily, weekly and monthly affregations of both State and Counter data.
  • Data Retention Scheme: Each monitor can now specify how long data at various aggregate levels (from raw base data to monthly aggregates) is retained. This effectively allows a very granular control on database size.
  • Reporting: Reporting of historical State and Counter data has been completely rewritten and now supports the various aggregates implemented by PolyMon. In particular charting has been substantially enhanced.

Screenshots of most PolyMon features can be found here.