PolyMon Beta 3 Released

A new version (Beta 3) of PolyMon has been released.

Apart from some minor bug fixes, the following are the major enhancements in this version:

  • The same plug-in approach used for Monitors has now been extended to monitor editors. Prior, all monitor parameters were edited via a simple xml text box in the Monitor Definitions panel. Monitor Types can now register editor dll’s whose visual interface is now hosted within the Monitor Definition panel. The following monitors now have specific editors:
    • File Monitor
    • Performance Monitor
    • Ping Monitor
    • Service Monitor
    • SNMP Monitor
    • URL Monitor
  • A new monitor type (and corresponding editor) has been added: TcpPortMonitor. This monitor essentially tests TCP port connections to a specified host within a specified timeout. Thanks to Marco for this enhancement.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions or general feedback.


Fred Baptiste


Welcome to PolyMon

Welcome to the PolyMon blog.

PolyMon is an open source .NET application used to monitor various network systems and provides historical trending and alerting mechanisms.

All source and releases are hosted in CodePlex and can be found at PolyMon

This site will keep track of any news, upcoming updates, etc for PolyMon.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc. All feedback is welcome.

I hope you find PolyMon useful and easy to use.

Thank you,

Fred Baptiste